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Steel, Mechanical and Piping

Our construction team have extensive experience in all aspects of structural, mechanical and piping fabrication, off and on site assembly, equipment set out and installation. Our construction team have extensive experience from sustaining capital upgrades to existing process infrastructure.

Our experience in offshore fabrication and importation can offer a competitive advantage when sourcing large structural steel packages.

We offer:

Fabrication and off/on site assembly of construction modules

Installation of mechanical equipment including crushers, screens, stackers,
pumps, compressors and equipment skids

Structural steel supply and erection

Piping fabrication and installation to AS standards

Civil, drainage and reinforced concrete

Our team are experienced on concrete structures. Our team have successfully delivered projects involving foundation/footing and concrete structure for mining, process and non-process infrastructure project. Also we have experience on civil construction like earthwork, drainage and road.

We Offer:

Detailed excavation service

Bulk earthworks and site drainage construction

Installation of reinforcing steel

Concrete placement and finishing

Installation of underground services

Formwork manufacture and installation

Manufacture of precast concrete on site

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